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Frequently Asked

What do you mean by cost-neutral solution to recruitment?

We think the job of connecting good freelancers with clients isn’t a costly or skill intensive activity, which is why we wanted to create a system that costs clients nothing to use. This way using BBEco costs clients exactly the same as if they decided to source these freelancers directly – nothing! We’ve done this by charging a fair, transparent low fixed-fee for each project day worked – which is absorbed into the freelancers day rate, not added on top. This moves away from the outdated and unfair % of day rate model used by recruiters/platforms, which adds 20-30% on average for each project engagement (on average this works out as £8,400 in recruitment fees for a 3 month engagement and a freelancer day rate of £700p/d) . 

Do you work on full-time/permanent roles?

Our primary focus is working on freelance/interim projects, however, we do sometimes use our network to connect freelancers interested in returning to full-time work with clients hiring.

What geographies do you operate in?

We have a very strong network of freelancers and clients across Europe, with some work in the USA, Australia and the Middle East. 

Our network in Asia is weaker, which is why we’ll work on any of these assignments pro bono – it helps us build our network in the region while offering clients our quality service. 


What level of freelancers do you work with?

2+ years experience through the Partners. 

What types of freelancers do you work with?

We exclusively work with freelance consultants and data scientists.  

What type of clients to you work with?

We currently support a raft of clients globally from small start-ups to large FTSE 100 / Nasdaq list businesses – operating across all sectors. Some clients include Gatwick Airport, City Pantry / Just Eat, CIL, Cairneagle, RX, Humatica.    

Are you just another recruitment business jumping onto the recruitment money train?

Simply put – no. Our founder has been working in this space for the past 8 years – helping to build and grow some of the largest freelance consulting businesses in the agency/platform market globally. 

He started BBEco, because he saw fundamental flaws in all of the operating models he was growing – the main one being the heavily inflated fee structures levied by agencies / platforms. They continue to charge these ludicrous fees because they can – something has to change. Most importantly, he didn’t want the new pricing model to hamper quality, which is why cost-effectiveness and quality are the two pillars BBEco is built on.  

He’s passionate about building a new type of recruitment business – one that’s sole objective is not to scale rapidly and exit for a nice sum of money. Instead, he wants to build an offering that delivers fairness and quality to clients and freelancers alike. There’s more to building a freelancing business than placing freelancers into jobs. Over time – we hope to build a range of initiatives to help further the freelance model of work – because when done correctly, freelancing can be a pretty fantastic working model.   

I'm currently in full-time work but thinking about freelancing - how can you help?

If you’re in the consulting or data science space then feel free to get in touch. Our founder has 8+ years helping 000’s of people in these fields make the switch to freelancing. He can discuss everything around how to build a client list, set a fair day rate and even introduce you to some other freelancers with a similar background to welcome you to the clan.