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We are a global community of 1500+ freelance consultants and data scientists, helping clients around the world access high calibre freelance support using our transparent, relationship-driven model.


Our innovative cost-neutral hiring system enables clients to avoid paying rip-off agency/platform fees. We take the legwork out of finding the best freelance consulting & data science options available and it costs you exactly the same as trying to find these people directly.



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Freelance  Consultants 

Trained at leading consultancies: McKinsey, Bain, BCG, leading boutiques and the Big 4. Our members range from analysts with 1-2 years experience through to ex-Partners of leading consulting firms. 


Our strategy network have been trained at leading strategy houses including McKinsey, Bain and BCG or one of the boutique consulting firms. They cover a wide range of topics including:                                         

  • Business plan development
  • Business unit strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Innovation management
  • IT-strategy
  • Market entry strategy
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Sustainability strategy

Our Operations network come from a wide range of backgrounds including consulting firms, Big 4 operational practices and industry. They cover a range of topics including:                                                               

  • Asset optimisation
  • Digitalisation
  • Lean management
  • Lean service operations
  • Procurement optimisation
  • Product development
  • Production optimisation
  • Process management
  • Supply chain management
mARKETING, SALEs & Digital

Our MSD community come from a wide range of backgrounds. They can support you around the following topics: 

  • Branding
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Customer segmentation
  • E-commerce & digital marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing and communications planning
  • Marketing ROI
  • Pricing
  • Sales and account management


Private equity

We have a strong network of Private Equity specialists who cover topics including; due diligence, value creation and turnaround situations. We currently support a number of European and US mid/large cap funds – we operate a tailored model for the PE market to ensure each process remains completely confidential.

To maintain the integrity of our PE client base – we do not advertise placements or our client roster in this space. 


 Freelance Data Scientists

Our Freelance Data Science community come from a range of public sector and industry roles. They all have practical experience applying their data science expertise across a range of scenarios. 

Data Cleaning

Our data cleaning freelancers work with you to ensure that your data is correct, consistent and usable.  This normally covers 6 keys areas:             

  1. Monitor Errors
  2. Standardize Processes
  3. Validate Accuracy
  4. Scrub for Duplicate Data
  5. Analyse
  6. Communicate Finding to Team
Data visualization

Our Data Visualization freelancers help communicate your data in a visual manner, or turn raw data into insights that can be easily interpreted by your team. Typically, they’ll use one of 5 systems:                 

  1. Temperol (Scatter plots, Time series sequences, Timelines etc.)
  2. Hierarchical (Tree Diagrams, Ring Charts etc.)
  3. Network (Matrix Charts, Node Link Diagrams, Word Clouds etc.)
  4. Multidimensional (Pie Charts, Venn Diagrams, Histograms etc.)
  5. Geospatial (Heat Map, Flow Map, etc.)  

Data based decision making

Work with these freelancers  to extract useful information from data. As you manipulate data, you may find you have the exact information you need, or you might need to collect more data.

Typically these freelancers will be data-savvy consultants who can use a range of consulting tools to help you make data-driven decisions.

machine learning & A.I

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions. Working with our freelance machine learning and A.I experts, you’ll be able to automate processes and build competitive advantage across a range of scenarios. 

Our Process

Define/ scope

We work with you to help define and scope your project need. 

curated shortlist

We search our network for the best suited options available. If required, we’ll also search the wider freelance market to ensure you’re getting the very best options. 


We’ll work with you to refine your shortlist and hiring process to make sure you’re making the best hire possible. 


Even after your project has kicked off, we’ll maintain close contact to ensure things are running smoothly. 

Don’t take our word for it. 90% of our customers have returned for 3 or more projects – happy in the knowledge they’ll never be ripped off by high agency fees ever again…