What is BBEcosystem?

A networking site designed and operated specifically for freelance 'professionals'. Our Communities:

Freelance Consultants

Freelance Data Scientists

Freelance Innovation / Design Consultants

How it works

We're building a freelancing ecosystem that's fair and transparent for all members:


We auto-connect you to all of your alumnus freelancing in the same region.

Provide access to individual and team based project assignments.

No unfair recruitment terms around ownership periods, fees etc.

Access to resources to help your day to day freelancing.


Tailored vetting process to ensure you work with the best freelancers everytime.

Hire for 50%-75% less compared to hiring via recruiters / platforms.

Build a pipeline of strong freelance talent all year round.

No more unfair recruitment fees or terms.


Number of Acitve Members
Number of countries we operate in
Consulting communities built

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